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Kenneth Kukral of Mentor is a contestant in The News-Herald's Lighten Up in 2013.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Losing weight electronically?

Losing weight has gone high tech.  The options are endless but let me give you an idea of how technology has become a part of my weight loss:


-          Bathroom scale.  No longer just the spring activated scale, they weight you out to the tenth of a pound, can store your weight reading and provide other readings such as your Body Mass Index.

-          Weight Watchers online – No more meetings (unless that is what you need to stay on track and network with other weight loss warriors).  I can track my food and exercise via my smart phone and know instantly how many “points” I have left for the day.

-          Bar code scanner for Weight Watchers.  Now I can scan a bar code on a food item and get my number of “points” instantly.  No searching for the item and I can get much more accurate measurements.

-          Nike Fuel Band – Measures your everyday activity and turns it into “Nikefuel”.  Tracks steps and calories burned also.

-          Treadmill – Working on a certain speed level and distance.  It also measures steps, calories burned and pace.

-          Elliptical – Same deal.  I can crank up the resistance to burn more calories.

-          Lighten up has also given us the ability to use Vitabot to track our calories, set goals, measure our vitamin and mineral intake and to help plan meals.

-          Last but not least….. the numbers I get from the doctor to determine if my health is improving and by how much.  I am looking to have my blood pressure down, cholesterol in line, weight down and blood sugar in the normal range…


With all this technology, how can I fail?


Kenneth Kukral

Gravitational Warrior




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