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Kenneth Kukral of Mentor is a contestant in The News-Herald's Lighten Up in 2013.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I need to sleep more if I want to lose weight?

Being extremely busy, and having a jam packed schedule the one area that get the short shift is sleep.  I can normally function on 5 to 6 hour sleep but in reading more about this subject I might be making it tough to lose weight.  I just read information about a study that said the true prescription to losing weight is eat less, move more and sleep more.  They also found that sleep more suppresses your appetite.  In one study the group that slept 5.5 hours versus the other one that slept 8 hours lost less body fat during a weight loss study.


As the Lighten Up Contest goes forward I am going to focus more on getting the proper amount of sleep.  I need to schedule in 7 hours or better yet 8 hours and take the time away from things such as watching TV.  I have a bad habit of trying to be optimistic that I will get up at 5AM, get ready and get to work early so I can get more done.  This will allow me to not feel the need to bring as much work home and then say up late working on it. What I end up doing is hitting the snooze button till 6:30AM or 7AM and then feel tired. Why is it now, I am just figuring this out?  LOL    I think if I concentrate on this one thing it could have a significant impact on my weight loss.  It starts tonight!  Bed at 11 up at 7!!


Think about it…. All I have to do to help is sleep more?  How can I go wrong?


Kenneth Kukral

Sleep deprived in Mentor


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