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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stress and weight loss

The battle lately has been stress.  In doing some research I am finding out that it is tough to lose weight when undergoing a lot of stress.  Some of the things I found out:


1.       Stress can cause food cravings.  A lot of this is emotional and you end up eating things you shouldn’t or eating more than you should

2.       When you are stressed, your body releases hormones that are linked to abdominal fat.  So even if you are eating the right amount of food your body holds on to the fat.

3.       Stress can slow your metabolism.  It will reduce the amount of calories you burn off.

4.       Stress can increase your appetite.  You end up craving foods and giving in to those cravings.


What can be done about it?


-          Walking can help reduce stress and can help increase your metabolism.

-          Eat slower at meals.  When you let your body give you the signals that you are full, you will eat less.

-          Stay away from “strict dieting”.  Your body reacts to the low calorie intake and tends to hold on and conserve energy so you burn off fewer calories.

-          Give in to cravings in a small way.  It will help reduce the craving and get you over it quicker

-          Reduce caffeine.  That alone will help reduce stress levels.

-          How more of a power breakfast.  It will jump start your metabolism and help you burn more calories

-          Get more sleep.  If you are more rested your body will recover better and you will be less stressed.


Hoping some of these tips will help get me past the weight plateau I have been on.  Fingers crossed.


Kenneth Kukral

Hoping to be a bigger loser


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