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Kenneth Kukral of Mentor is a contestant in The News-Herald's Lighten Up in 2013.

Monday, June 17, 2013

On my way back...

After having one of the roughest months I have had in a long time I am on the road to “weight” recovery.  All of the important areas took a hit, proper foods, overly stressed, limited time for exercise and lack of sleep led to a disastrous weigh in.  I know this is an ongoing battle but I am looking to get revved up again.  The great weather has helped to eliminate some of the excuses that could have crossed my mind and make me think, if a lot of other people can do it, why not me? 


My mom has been an inspiration, down 72 pounds so far this year.  She has some difficulty getting around and I look at myself and say, she can do it, so can you.  I am pulling some inspiration and determination from you mom!  Now time to sign up for the Johnny Cake Jog!


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